PartyUP Player (PUP) - Find Gamers to Play With - pre-release

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New York City, NY

Hi there, I'm a Partner at SWARM, a NYC digital agency where we experiment with digital products. Some of the things we've built include SWARMsecret an anonymous twitter webapp, and more recently open sourced a watch face for Android Wear to a pretty positive reception. In any case, we're gearing up to launch our next (and first real) product, PUP and wanted to ping you and see if you'd be interested about leaning more.

Gaming is a $15bn/year market in the US. Gaming is central to millennials lives. Gaming has driven gains in desktop and laptop performance for years. Gaming is moving entirely to multiplayer. Gaming is entirely unsocial.

While game developers have invested time and money into pushing the boundaries of what can be done graphically with gaming, the social interactions within gamers in their worlds have been largely left unattended. From MMO (massive multiplayer online) games to console multiplayer games, the gamer is relegated to random match ups, looking online for groups of people to play with or standing around in game for hours looking for a group to play with.

And while we have self driving cars, and drones delivering us burritos we're left to tackle the same social problems in games now that existed at the heyday of multiplayer in the mid-late 1990's.

That is until now. We present you PUP or PartyUP Player, an app coming this summer that will solve the looking for group problem once and for all by putting the power of who you game with into your hand. Being developed by SWARM, an independent app development studio in NYC that specializes in mobile, wearable, and second screen devices PUP let's gamers PartyUP, before they Party Down.

In any case, if you'd like to learn more about PUP, our team, what we do and why we do it, please get in touch. The app's estimated launch is at the end of June on Android (because all our data says to), followed by an iOS release a few months later.

Would love to hear from you, and all the best.


Jacek Grebski, Partner @ SWARM

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