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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

CannaSOS has launched an Android app

Toronto, Canada

CannaSOS is a social platform for marijuana experts and enthusiasts. We've recently launched an Android app for CannaSOS and currently working on iOS app.

Since its launch in January 2015, CannaSOS has acquired more than 35k users and this number is constantly growing. This proves that such network has a strong demand on the market among people who involved in a cannabis industry.

CannaSOS app for Android helps users to easily access the platform on the go. The app grants a fast access to all the features of CannaSOS network. We improved a lot to ensure that user experience is flawless for everyone.

Through our app users can:

  • ask any cannabis related questions and seek answers from peers, medical professionals, activists and marijuana experts;
  • share their knowledge and experience with like-minded people;
  • share publications, news, success stories, educational posts and other articles with the cannabis community;
  • participate in discussions and content moderation via upvotes and downvotes;
  • share links, pictures and videos among friends and followers.

Another powerful tool CannaSOS has is a strain search feature. It will promptly deliver description, usage statistics and patterns, medical conditions, effects, reviews, pictures and all relevant information pertaining to any marijuana strain.

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