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Sunday, August 02, 2015

My name is Andrey Banshchikov. I'm from Moscow, Russia. Currently working for company which is called "Wamba" (Dating service). In my spare time I develop the application which is called "Dorado - video editor".

Dorado - video editor now available on the App Store!

Worldwide - August 1, 2015 - Andrey Banshchikov has released Dorado, a video editor app with a unique twist which is now available for iOS on the App Store. Dorado allows you to edit your videos by adding different elements to give it a more animated and personal touch. This app is perfect for people from all walks of life who may find they need a cure for boredom, or want to indulge in some creativity and fun with their videos. Dorado allows you to add the following to your videos:

- GIFs

- Images

- Text

Not only will you be able to apply these to your videos, but you will be able to move the object around to your pleasing, which will be recorded into the final piece. This means that you can create a narrative comprising of your animations within your video. Andrey Banshchikov says that "this app can help people to express themselves, create interesting, delightful or funny videos".

For example, if you have a video on the rooftop of a tall building, you can superimpose an animation or GIF of a cartoon character dangling off the edge or even falling off! Or perhaps you have fallen out with your other half? You can send them a video of your favourite place, and place an animated character with a sombre facial expression to convey a sense of sadness, much akin to an Emoji, but far more expressive!

The first version of the app will be free on the App Store, with in-app purchases made available such as – 'Remove watermark' and 'Unlimited GIFs on video'.

This app will allow you to add more emotion or humour to a video of your choosing, without you needing to be online.

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