Cloud Based Caching Solution for Developers

Monday, August 03, 2015 Simple Caching, Built for Developers

San Francisco


I know your busy so will make this quick. Today we are officially promoting which is a service for developers to deploy caching on the cloud. Designed to speed up and provide caching without all the administration and technical nightmares.

More information if you are intrested: provides a simple way to spin up and manage a complete Varnish Cache solution for your web application in just a few minutes. Developed by a team of web engineers that have seen a gap in the market for a self-managed product for controlling caching.

Currently most of our users are using for

- Magento and e-Commerce Caching
- Instantly Deploy, Test and Real-Time Stats on Caching
- For projects which require caching separate from the application/project launched in April 2015 its parent company Squixa a web acceleration platform/service was founded in May 2012 in Sydney Australia.

Employees: Currently 7, soon to be 8.

Founders: Stewart Mcgrath & Dan Bartholomew

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