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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Nectar Desk - a complete call center software solution for your business

Ottawa, Canada


My name's Symon. I'm the marketing manager with Nectar Desk. I am excited to present you with our call center software product. It is quite unique in the fact that, in addition to the traditional features all the other call center softwares have, we also have deep agent analytics, allowing you to check in on the KPIs of individual agents and manage your staffing appropriately.

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Tired of all the difficulty of switching between tools to manage your data? Are your call center agents wasting their time switching between call dashboards and the company CRM? With Nectar Desk, this problem is no more. We provide CRM integrations that allow agents to automatically update details in their CRM from their call dashboard.

In addition to the standard call center features such as IVRs, automated call distribution and ring groups, we have a slew of other fantastic features such as advanced agent analytics. This will allow you to look at the key metrics of your call center agents such as average handling time, missed call ratio and agent statuses. Use this information to manage your call center staffing and make your operation more efficient.

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