Friday, January 13, 2017


Hello amigos,

This is Renji Alex from a portal which is trying to slowly and steadily make a breakthrough in the Appliance service sector. We offer convenience, we offer standardized pricing and we love to communicate. was born out of disheartening and poor post-sale service response from OEM's.
A pharmacist and an experienced International marketer by profession, my entrepreneurial journey has been an eye opener on many fronts.
My potion for sanity is travel and I can boast of having seen and experiencing places far and wide across the corners of the globe.I love my bit of adventure. Clear skies and mountains beckon and that's where my campaign ideas are born. is a convenience platform for appliance services. From extended warranty, maintenance plans, installations and repairs - we cater to post-sale services for appliances.
When the customer trusts us with an appliance, we adopt it as our own. We nurture it. We work along side the customer to help maintain a healthy appliance and extend lifespan. We have 95% repeat customer base and have well known institutions as our clientele. Our love for what what we do is evident in our actions.
Apart from our job of upkeeping applainces, we engage in meaningful social campaigns to create awareness on a range of causes. Few notable ones being "The Balti Challenge" to create awareness on the use of AC condensate water for non-cooking purposes and the "Energy Conservation Week" campaign wherein 1600 students were sensitized to energy conservation means and renewable sources of energy.

In the short span of operation has noted a steady growth in customer acquisition and retention.
2017 will be a year for exciting new category additions to the platform.

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